Day 1: I’m A Cheater, But I’m Sorry–Get BUSY!!!

Okay, so this is definitely still a struggle for me. I outlined what I ate today as well as what I did. So there was a little bit of cheating, and I know I’m going to have to cut that out! No changes need to be made over night, but if I want to enter a  bikini competition, I’m going to have to wean these things out of my system. So rather than complain, I made a  better plan. I took a pic of it, but will write it out for everyone too. If there’s anyone else out there with ideas to stay on track, I’d be happy to hear what works for you!!!

I created an eating plan that is not all the way finished because I go shopping again on Wednesdays, so Thursday-Saturday are not completely planned out. See below for what I’m doing and where I’m going for my fitness. After that, I posted my attempt at clean eating. We don’t really work off recipes in my house, so I did the best to write down what my husband and I cook.

Today’s Workouts

I thought about not going, but I pulled it out and remembered to move forward. There’s a lot to say about an object in motion staying in motion. If I get this stuff rolling (literally and figuratively) I know there is no stopping me. I pushed the stroller with my son in it for 3 miles. It took me about 34 minutes, and I averaged about 11 1/2 minute miles. I did this early this morning before work. I am lucky enough to work from home, but I need to get this done and out of the way before the babysitter gets here. It won’t happen if I get going on work.

So, it’s 9:00 PM, and I’m about to do the workout located below. My husband is enjoying a Coors Light and watching Monday night football, but I wasn’t spot on with the diet today, so I need to knock this out. I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow 🙂

I absolutely LOVE the Bodyrock/DailyHiit website. The workout I’m doing is located here:

Totally check out that page if you never have! It’s absolutely so free and motivational. I know that if I stick to it, I’ll see some progress. It’s in real-time, and the chick is fierce!!!! I hope to end up that ripped in a few months time…who’s comin’ with me?!!

Today’s Food

  • I had a cup of coffee with a little whole milk and sugar 😦  My 18 month old drinks whole milk–I’ll evaluate in a week whether or not I can keep this little treat
  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal (not instant) with a tablespoon of flax-seed and 1/2 a banana in it
  • Snack #1: Kale, strawberry, and vanilla protein shake
    • 4 medium strawberries
    • 1 scoop vanilla protein
    • filled the rest of the blender with raw kale
    • added in about 300 ml of water
    • blended on high
  • Lunch: I had plans to eat a salad with chicken in it, but that just didn’t happen 😦  3:30 rolled around and I was like OMG!!  I had a busy work day.
  • Snack #2: 1 T of hummus and baby carrots
  • Dinner: 6 oz Italian salmon, 1/2 cup brown rice, sauteed spinach w/garlic
    • salt and pepper salmon and grill on medium 6 minutes each side (I use a fish basket to prevent sticking)
    • Italian topping (put less than a tablespoon on your fish after it’s cooked before plating):
      • saute onions until soft and garlic until aromatic (about 2 minutes on onion and about 30 seconds on garlic afterward)
      • add in some sundried tomatoes (I squeezed off the excess oil from the jar before I added them for about another 30 seconds)
      • Mix the onion/garlic/tomato mix into about 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese (again we used whole milk–will evaluate again after a week or so)
  • Unfortunate cheats—I had the crusts off of my son’s PB & J at lunch 😦  Then, I had a few Cheerios and about 1/4 cup of dark chocolate morsels



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